Guatemala Tours

Guatemala Tours

One of the reasons to choose to study Spanish at Atitlan Spanish School Jardin de America is the incredible beauty of Guatemala, hearth of the Mayan world, the Mayan Culture and the Living Mayans.

At Atitlan Spanish School Jardin de America we believe in enriching the learning process traveling while learning, some of the options available are:
Chichicastenango Market Day Tour |

Note: This tours have an additional cost, please ask about availability and price.

Chichicastenango Market Day Tour

Chichicastenango Market Day TourDiscover Chichicastenango while practicing with your Spanish Language Teacher from Atitlan Spanish School Jardin de America, Panajachel
Located in the mountains of Western Guatemala, through different landscapes and beautiful villages, colonial buildings where indigenous children appreciate is proud of her costume selling fruits and vegetables of the place you come to the magical town of Chichicastenango.
Chichicastenango is a Mayan city market days are Sundays and Thursdays these days people from different villages come to the city to sell or exchange the product, where you can also see the colonial church where people perform a mix of pre-Columbian Maya culture with Christian, a few minutes on a hill a sacred stone is located by the unworthy (Pascual Abaj) people from various places come to the site using the Mayan calendar to honor their religious beliefs.
– Minimum 2 pax – Ask for price – Schedule according to your needs

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